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Things To Do In Brisbane for the School Holidays

Christmas, school holidays, and glorious time off is just around the corner. While that’s mostly a good thing, it also means you’ll soon be googling things like: “things to do in brisbane this weekend”, “things to do in brisbane with kids”, and “indoor activities brisbane” every morning.

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How to Play Indoor Netball

It’s pretty similar to outdoor netball, only way more exciting. We reckon it’s the most sought after social sport in Brisbane. Indoor netball has it all. The ball is always in play, as you’re surrounded on all sides by netting. Your game will never get called off, thanks to the whole ‘Indoor’ thing. So you’ll get to enjoy this fast-paced game all year round. Want to know how to play? Let’s break it down.

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How to Play Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer is an amazing way to keep fit, have fun, and socialise at the same time. It’s excellent for your fitness, agility, coordination, and endurance. If you’re coming across from the traditional sport, or just want to give it a go, you might be wondering how to play indoor soccer.

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Indoor Cricket Brisbane

How To Play Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket takes the concept of traditional cricket and makes it a little bit more exciting. The rules are modified so each player participates equally, creating a more active and engaging game.

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